PuRple Room (Ages: 3-4) & Grey Room (Ages: 4-5)

In these classrooms we are preparing for Kindergarten. We learn to use and care for classroom materials, work together, become more independent, use our creativity, follow directions, listen, learn and have fun. We use Heidi's Song curriculum to study one letter per week. We also learn sight words as we go. We strive to recognize numbers through 31, write numbers to one to ten and understand value (ex: 12 is 10 and how many more?). We build with blocks, rocks, cups, Legos, and tracks to create whatever our students can imagine. We use different processes and materials for our art and drawing. We learn songs and finger plays, move to music and have fun with bean bags. We have an extensive library and we read fun and informative books. We learn weekly bible truths and say a prayer before snack and circle time daily. We give glory to God for His creations and blessings always.

What to bring to Purple & Red Room

- Sheet (crib or single sheet) for nap time

- Blanket for nap time

- Pull-ups for nap time (if still needed)

- Two extra full sets of clothes (in case of spills)

- Lunch with an ice pack

- Thermal container for warm food

   (We are unable to warm up food for

   preschool-aged classes)