Billie Turner - Director

Miss Billie has spent her life loving children and their families. She grew up working with her family at the Fred Jordan Mission in Los Angeles. Her parents instilled a desire in her to always be a servant and to show Christ’s love to everyone she meets. Miss Billie’s dad always said, “You may be the only Christ that person ever sees. Love like Jesus did.” After working with inner city families for over 25 years, she began working in a Christian preschool, then with Head Start, and in July 2013 she began as the preschool director at Arcadia Community Church Preschool.

Miss Billie loves going into the classrooms and reading books to the children and playing with them. One of her favorite things to do is to have conversations with the children, either individually or in small groups. Children are so creative and they love to have conversations with adults. Miss Billie also loves to talk with, encourage, and pray with parents and family members.

When she’s not at school she spends every available moment with her wonderful husband, her son, daughter-in- law, and daughter. You can often find her husband, Jimmy, spending afternoons at the school helping fix a variety of things, including the air conditioners. She loves her family and doing any and all activities with them!