Green & Yellow Room (Ages 2-3)

This program is for children approximately two to three years of age. It is a bridge between

the toddler program and the Preschool department. The emphasis in this program is on

building each child's self-esteem through developing and encouraging autonomy.


A gradual shift is taking place in children of this age group from the total dependency of

the toddler to discovery of the separate identity of self. By encouraging each child

individually and by facilitating situations for each child to do things on their own, we help

you  children feel a sense of mastery and accomplishment over their environment. This sense

of mastery is a vital stepping stone in the process of developing the confidence to tackle

increasingly difficult tasks over time. 

What to bring for Green & Yellow Room

- Sheet (crib or single sheet) for nap time

- Blanket for nap time

- Diapers or pull-ups (if still needed)

- Wipes (if still needed)

- Rash ointment (if still needed)

- Two extra fulls sets of clothes

   (in case of spills)

- Lunch with an ice pack

- Thermal container for warm food

   (We are unable to warm up food for

   preschool-aged classes)