Orange Room (Ages: 3-4)

The primary goal in Orange Room is to provide an atmosphere of warmth and trust where a child can

continue to build a good self-image. We believe a child’s work is play and we strive to provide experiences

that invite participation. We offer an indoor-outdoor program that allows the child freely to choose

activities according to his or her own needs and personality. Through large and small group situations

a child learns cooperation, and to respect the rights of others.

What to bring to Orange Room

- Sheet (crib or single sheet) for nap time

- Blanket for nap time

- Diapers or pull-ups (if still needed)

- Wipes (if still needed)

- Rash ointment (if still needed)

- Two extra full sets of clothes (in case of spills)

- Lunch with an ice pack

- Thermal container for warm food

   (We are unable to warm up food for

   preschool-aged classes)